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My exhibit The Effect of Collected Memory on the Adorned Body began at The Works Art & Design Festival in Edmonton in 2013. It returns to The Works 2016 in its completed form at Mile Zero Dance’s Spazio Performativo.

photo by MW (3)photo by Marlena Wyman

When my project began at The Works Festival in 2013, I asked visitors to help create a collaborative artwork by contributing objects such as unused but not unloved jewelery, buttons and other trinkets that could be pinned onto two torsos. I added these objects to the torsos over the duration of the festival.

Over the next three years, I continued to add objects that I had gathered, and that were donated by friends and family.

Edmonton writer Erin Wallace recently featured my exhibit in a post in The Common Good, an Edmonton blog that is “a local catalyst and hub trying to make good things happen in town by connecting good people and resources.”

photo by Tracy Wyman (11)photo by Tracy Wyman

As I spoke to Erin, I came to realize that over time, my former long-time work as an archivist has invaded my artistic vision in this and my other artworks. Years of being surrounded by and wading through stacks of evidence documenting the lives and memories of strangers couldn’t help but be expressed through my art practice.

photo by MW (23)photo by Marlena Wyman

In The Effect of Collected Memory on the Adorned Body, by commingling the personal objects of many strangers within the intimate form of the human body, a new and curious collective memory has been created.

photo by Tracy Wyman (27)photo by Tracy Wyman

And now it is complete – I think.

Posted by Marlena Wyman